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3 Certificates - 5 Life Changing days
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Why Excellence Academy?
About Us
Learn from World recognised NLP Trainer, business and marketing expert Michael Joseph not only to become a Certified NLP Practitioner but also how to build a successful 6-figure business that allows you work less hours with your business on auto-pilot. 
Our Trainings
Our 5-day trainings offer you the opportunity to discover what that little voice inside has been trying to tell you. They provide you with the breakthrough that you have been searching for, and the answers to the questions you've been asking yourself like surely there's more to life...
Upcoming Events
Our next NLP Practitioner event is being held in Sydney from the 3rd - 7th of April 2019.

The Sydney Boulevard Hotel
90 William St, Sydney 2011
Internationally Certified
When you become certified with Excellence Academy, you become an internationally recognised NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™ and NLP Coach. This means you aren't limited to helping people just in Australia alone.    
Ready? Let's Get Started!
Extremely Limited Seats
This Is Your Chance To Join the Training of a Life Time!
Training Curriculum
NLP Practitioner Certification

You'll learn the tools and techniques used by the worlds leaders and personal development masters such as Tony Robbins, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Brian Tracy just to name a few. NLP will allow you to reach the highest levels of achievement and success.
Time Line Therapy™ Certification
Learn to harness the power of your unconscious mind to remove all the limiting decisions and beliefs that may be holding you back. Clear out all negative emotions from past events that are still causing you pain and holding you back from taking that next confident step forward in life.
NLP Coaching Certification
Do you ever feel like there is more to life? That you are being called to do something greater? You'll discover how you can take all the NLP and Timeline Therapy™ techniques and get hands on experience using them on real people and real clients to create massive change and impact in their life, and get paid handsomely for it
Ready to Get Started?
Training Dates:
NLP Practitioner Training
April 3rd - 7th 2019
The Sydney Boulevard Hotel
90 William St, Sydney 2011
The Word On The Street
When I first became a coach my BIGGEST concern was how on earth I was going to get clients into my coaching business, as I knew nothing about Marketing and I was worried about having to sell to people, as I didn’t like the idea of being ‘salesy’.

After working with Michael, I now attract clients into my business and now use NLP strategies that don’t Make me feel like a sales person. I’m now looking at transitioning out of my teaching career and go 100% into coaching full time!
Katie Godden
Rural NSW
Michael changed my life through NLP, using time line therapy, parts integration… Such an amazing breakthrough, releasing negative emotions, limiting decisions & limiting beliefs. Before doing this, I had a belief that “I was not enough”… and it was causing me lack of fulfilment and not taking action in my life… 
I got a new client to pay me within 10 minutes of finishing my breakthrough with Michael. Seriously amazing!! it’s the best gift you can give to your self. Don’t hold yourself back anymore and get in touch with Michael and change your life.
Ludo Courbin
Sydney NSW
When I first met Micheal I was quiet confused about my path and certain aspects of NLP seemed quiet unclear to me. Since working with Micheal I have a clear direction in my business and feel stronger than ever before to continue to grow personal and on a business level. I now run a successful coaching business full time in New Zealand, using NLP as the backbone of my business… Giving me plenty of time at home to watch my kids grow up If you have the opportunity to work with Michael do not hold back! He is committed to the success of his clients and very passionate about helping people become entrepreneurs and living life on their own terms
Linda Ho
New Zealand
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